Frequently Asked Questions



What about copyrighted images?

Picsearch downloads the original images only to create thumbnail images. Afterwards the original images are removed. Thus, users can only view the thumbnails when searching for a specific image. The thumbnails are accompanied by references to the original page it was indexed from. This enables the users to visit the original page and obtain the appropriate permissions to use the image.

Can I license individual images from Picsearch?

No, Picsearch does not provide licenses to use individual images for corporate or personal use. The original images are the property of the copyright holders and they must be contacted for this purpose. Picsearch does not grant this permission and should not be contacted.

Will Picsearch's Psbot overload my site/domain?

No, Picsearch utilizes a load spreading technique which reduces the load on the indexed domains' web-servers. Any given web-server should not receive more than a couple of requests per minute from Picsearch. If you are receiving more requests than seems reasonable or acceptable, please contact

Why should I allow Picsearch to index my site/domain/images?

Picsearch provides the same free services as most other major search engines, but for images instead of text. By letting Picsearch index your images you enable users of Picsearch's services to find the images and information they are searching for. Picsearch neither stores nor provides the original images; it simply displays thumbnails of the originals. Each thumbnail is accompanied by references to the original image and site it was indexed from. Copyrights still apply and users must obtain the appropriate permissions to use any image from the owner(s) of the material. By letting Picsearch index your images you also increase the traffic to and awareness of your site.

How do I submit a URL for indexing?

Requests for URLs can be sent by e-mail to Please provide your full name and e-mail address along with the URL you wish to see indexed. Picsearch can not guarantee that your site will be indexed.

How do I prevent Picsearch from indexing my site/domain/images?

Picsearch follows both The Robot Exclusion Standard and robots meta tag as well as the psbot meta tag, and can be prevented from indexing your site/domain/images by using either:

  • robots.txt example:
    Include the following in your robots.txt file:

    User-agent: psbot
    Disallow: /

  • META tag example:
    Include the following in the head section of your web-page:

    <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">

  • Psbot META tag example:
    Include the following in the head section of your web-page:

    <meta name="psbot" content="noindex,nofollow">

How do I remove my site/domain/images from Picsearch when it has already been indexed?

If your site has been indexed by Picsearch and you do not wish to be included in the Picsearch index, please e-mail Picsearch at and provide the full URL you wish to have removed. Picsearch will promptly deal with your request and remove your site along with the thumbnail references.